He is a Danish business man, CEO and partner at North-East Venture – an international equity fund based in Copenhagen.

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Martin Lumbye

He began his professional career in 1996 working six years as press and marketing manager with the Copenhagen theatre Dr. Dante. Simultaneously, he acted as interim press and marketing manager for Mungo Park, Mammutteatret, Østre Gasværk and Copenhagen International Ballet. In January 2003, he was appointed secretary general for the annual event Aarhus Festival. In 2006, he helped develop and launch and subsequently sell the travel search provider Momondo. In addition to his role at North-East Venture, he holds several other positions in the Danish business community.

Born in 1972. He came to Denmark in 1974 – parents Josephine from Holland and Hans Lumbye from the Danish island of Funen. He grew up in a family with two siblings – a brother and a sister. He spent his first year in Horsens, but the family then moved to Als. Later on, Martin Lumbye moved to Aarhus to attend secondary school at Langkær Gymnasium and moved on to study dramaturgy at Aarhus University – studies that were abandoned after four years, when a job offer came from the Dr. Dante theatre in Copenhagen. He lives in Christianshavn, Copenhagen with his girlfriend Louise Linde Bertelsen, and he has three daughters.

From 1997 until 2003, Martin Lumbye worked as press and marketing manager for the theatre Dr. Dante based in the Aveny Theatre in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Throughout this period, he also operated as an interim press and marketing manager for theatres and cultural institutions such as Granhøj Dans, Mammutteatret, Østre Gasværk, Copenhagen International Ballet and Mungo Park. He was apprenticed by major Danish cultural figures such as Nikolaj Cederholm, Lars Kaalund and Palle Granhøj. As press and marketing manager, Martin Lumbye was part of the management group at Dr. Dante for six years in a theatre where new Danish directors and actors took important steps in their careers.

In 2003, Martin Lumbye was appointed secretary general for the annual event Aarhus Festival. He put in four years as head of this cultural institution in Aarhus. He helped develop and implement themes like "From Aros to Eros", "The Fairy Tale of My Life" and "Womania". The 2006 festival was his last, as he had prior to the event chosen to resign in order to move to Copenhagen. His main task as secretary general was to get the festival’s economy back on track as it had experienced a series of poor results. The task was accomplished as he managed to deliver a profit for the festival.


In 2006, Martin Lumbye returned to Copenhagen, and in June he entered into an entrepreneurial project for the first time. He was part of a team of four entrepreneurs, together developing and launching the travel search provider Momondo on September 1, 2006.

In 2006, Martin Lumbye returned to Copenhagen, and in June he entered into an entrepreneurial project for the first time. He was part of a team of four entrepreneurs, together developing and launching the travel search provider Momondo on September 1, 2006.
As a partner in Momondo, Martin Lumbye helped create and develop a modern entrepreneurial project online. Momondo evolved from being only a search service for flights to including searches for hotels and trains and the like. It was developed into an internationally recognized travel site with a wide range of services in 16 languages, and Momondo is acknowledged in major media like CNN and The Sunday Times.

In 2011, Martin Lumbye was nominated for the Danish Væxt-Factor prize for entrepreneurship founded by the magazine Mandag Morgen and the DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) finance programme "Penge" in competition with the country's top entrepreneurs. Kaspar Basse and Joe & the Juice won the final. In several rounds, Martin Lumbye was part of the negotiations for the sale of either shares in Momondo or the entire Momondo enterprise. First round is in 2007, selling shares to TV 2 Denmark. In 2011, Momondo is sold in its entirety to the British company Cheapflights Media Ltd. Simultaneously, the company changes its name to Momondo Group Ltd. Martin Lumbye continued to work for Momondo until 2014. In October 2014, the US equity fund Great Hill Partners bought and took over Momondo Group.

North-East Venture

In 2014, he became CEO and board member of the international venture fund North-East Venture, based in Copenhagen. The fund was launched December 1, 2013 as a subsidiary of the North-East Family Office.

The purpose of the Fund is to invest in international growth companies within ICT (information, consumer, technology) as well as design and lifestyle.

Other positions

Martin Lumbye has also held a range of other positions, for example as chairman of the board of the food festival Copenhagen Cooking and Eseebase A/S. Former and current roles as chairman include Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Dyrberg/Kern and HTM Group. In addition, he has served as ambassador to the Danish Red Cross since 2005.
He carried the Olympic flame prior to the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino.

In 2013, the Danish fund Vækstfonden appointed him chairman of two of the fund's investments – Iconfinder ApS and Billetto ApS. Since January 2013, he has acted as industrial advisor to one of the leading Nordic equity funds, Nordic Capital, and has in this context worked with the digital aspect of the companies Kompan and Sportsmaster. He has also, intermittently, acted as a strategic consultant to companies like Georg Jensen, Flügger, SAS Travel Center and Danfoss Universe.


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